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Are you raising a gifted child?

Parents and teachers often wonder if they have a ‘gifted child’. That’s understandable as every parent sees their child as special, teachers want the best for their students and all children are amazing in their own way … right?

Did you know that there are many different areas of giftedness and it’s not just academic – giftedness can be across many fields including art, music and dance. And to make things even more complex, there are various ‘levels of giftedness’ from mildly or moderately gifted right up to exceptionally and profoundly gifted.

So how can parents and teachers be sure they are recognising and nurturing a child’s gifts?

Perhaps many parents and teachers miss seeing that a child is gifted, just as Gloria and Peter did.  Gloria and Peter van Donge are the parents of a gifted child, but Gloria only discovered this in her retirement. This inspired Gloria to write a series of books to support parents of gifted children.

In this podcast we talk about:

  1. What giftedness ‘means’ and how to recognise it in children

  2. How to nurture gifted children’s talents

  3. The many struggles gifted children experience  

  4. Gloria van Donge’s books series and how they help parents, teachers and children support and nurture giftedness and overcome obstacles.

You can learn more about Gloria and Peter’s story and the delightful characters in the Gifted Kid Book Series at

Recommended for parents of children aged 2-9 years!


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