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Can parents really have it all? Me time, family time, work time and time for …

More and more parents want to pursue a great career and enjoy a loving a fun family life. BUT for many mums and dads this is challenging and they feel like they have to sacrifice something to make it all work. Often it is “me” time that goes first, then the career and time with the kids so that work and day-to-day family activities like cooking, after school activities, homework just gets done!

But life is more than just the daily routine of getting things done.

Are you a working parent? Do you feel like you have so many demands on your time including work, friends, family and of course, from your children? What if there was a system that could help you get out of the same stressful routine and help you to create more. Well there is…

If you want more for your life – if you want to make real changes for the better, then join Dr Rosina McAlpine as she interviews Christina Guidotti who shares her insights into how you CAN have it all!

In this interview you’ll:

  • Explore what having it all means for you

  • Be inspired by Christina’s personal life journey as an author, successful business owner and loving mother.

  • Learn the 5 keys to being able to create a life you love and have it all.

  • Understand how learning Win Win Parenting skills will help you to be more confident and effective as a parent and more focussed and productive at work. Win Win!

This is a fun and practical show, so have your note pad at the ready as you create the plan and the actions steps for a life that inspires and fulfils you.

Christina Guidotti is one of Australia’s leading experts on success, belief, conviction and commitment. She is the author of How to have it all and has walked her own extraordinarily successful path as a mum and business leader with extensive sales, leadership, productivity and mindset expertise.

This is a GREAT show! Join us for a laugh and learn a lot too. For more on Christina Guidotti


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