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Creative writing for parents

There are so many benefits for parents and kids alike of spending time writing. Writing does the heart, spirit, and body a lot of good. If you don’t have a special book or journals to write in why not buy one for yourself and your kids and take some time each day to write. It could be first thing in the morning to set a positive intention for the day or plan the day, or after school or even before bed to recount the wonderful achievements in the day. So here are some ways that parents and kids benefit from writing:

1. Alleviate stress: write down your worries. If your child is too young to write – write it for them. Writing a ‘to-do list’, taking action on just one thing and then crossing it off the list can greatly reduce stress and anxiety and increase a sense of accomplishment and wellbeing.

2. Get your creative juices going: being creative and getting in the flow is so good for our spirits through writing. You and your child can share this moment by truly being in the now and together writing something creatively together. Try it!

3. Nurtures your spirit. Finding time to be quiet, contemplative and writing anything that comes to you is good for your spirit.

4. Great for your relationships. Write your child a little note and pop it in their lunch box as a surprise! Write your partner a little love letter and see what happens!

5. Helps make your goals a reality. Imagine what you want to achieve and then write it down! There is something very powerful about writing down what you want, then writing the steps you could take to make your dream come true!

6. Recording your life: Take a few minutes a day to write down something special about your life and your time with your child. Encourage your child to take a few minutes every day to write in a journal or diary. This way you can always have a record of those treasured moments.

There are so many ways parents can help their children develop key life skills that will help them sail through life. If you would like to help your child set goals, learn how to take action steps towards achieving their dreams then take a look at the Inspired Creativity Home Activity eBook. It has 12 activities that you can complete with your child in just 15 minutes at a time to get their creative juices flowing and into action on achieving goals.


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