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Good self-esteem can prepare your child for life’s up AND downs

Good self-esteem

We all know that life isn’t always easy. Sometimes we experience challenges that we need to overcome. So how well do your children handle life’s roadblocks, setbacks and challenges?

Have you prepared your child to successfully navigate life’s ups and downs? Whether you have a toddler who’s had a toy snatched away by another child or a teenager who is being bullied, at every stage of development there are challenges for your children to overcome. And, the older your children get the more challenging the problems they’ll face, so the more capable and resilient they’ll need to be.

Children who have a strong and healthy sense of self that is, good self-esteem are more resilient. Being resilient means that no matter what hardships life throws your way, you are more able to manage what’s happening in a positive way, pick yourself up and bounce back after the difficult experience.


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