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Health and Wellbeing life skills for children

Importance of the Health and Well-being life skills for children

A child can function more efficiently and effectively in a clean and tidy environment. Further, a child’s diet and exercise play crucial roles in their physical and mental well being. These are very valuable life skills for your child.

Benefits of the Health and Wellbeing life skills for kids

The benefits of the Health and Well-being life skills for kids are that they increase a child's knowledge of nutrition and exercise and reduce the likelihood of childhood obesity and ill health.

Health and Wellbeing life skills for children

Are you interested in inspiring children and teaching your kids life skills? Then Inspired Children can help. The Health and Wellbeing e-book provides support for parents by assisting them in teaching your children a little at a time. The e-book contains 12 practical activities that are easy to follow and can be done in 15 minutes. These easy to follow parenting tips will empower you to support your child's life skills development and to inspire your  children. You and your child will learn life skills in relation to health and wellbeing which covers areas like personal and school/home cleanliness as well as exercise and nutrition. 

Health and Wellbeing for Children ebook

How to develop the Health and Well-being life skill

Parenting advice and helpful parenting tips for activities that can support health and well being for kids include: 

Learning about the five food groups. When you prepare a meal you can explain to your child why you chose to include a variety food groups to help your child receive optimal nutrition for a balanced diet. Explain which foods are proteins, carbohydrates, grains and vegetables etc. 

Inviting your child to help with the household chores like the dishes not only shows them how to clean up but helps them take responsibility and work together as a valuable member of the family

Teaching your child how to make a healthy snack after school and to avoid snacking on high sugar and high fat foods

Go for a walk with your children on a regular basis to ensure they get their 30 minutes of exercise every day! My husband my mum and I often go for a walk in our neighbourhood or go to the park to allow our son to experience time in nature and to run, run, run!

 about how teaching children life skills can take the pain out of parenthood - Win Win Parenting


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