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Helping Your Children Learn Healthy lifestyle habits

Today’s children are experiencing an alarming increase in the rate of obesity, type II diabetes and other health-related issues that can be avoided by introducing simple healthy lifestyle habits as early as possible. As Parents are busy they need healthy life style choices they can easily introduce into daily life. I’ve had a number of health-related questions and so here are some ideas I hope you find helpful: 

  1. Increase your child’s physical activity and decrease their sedentary behaviours by turning off the TV and computers and encouraging your child to move! Walking, cycling, throwing/kicking a ball and swimming are all great physical activities.

  2. Invite your child to eat more nutritious whole foods and less junk foods by not keeping junk food in the house and only eating it on the weekend. Get children involved in all parts of the process from planning meals, purchasing fresh produce and preparing foods. Educate children about good nutrition and healthy choices. 

  3. Model good lifestyle choices for your child. If you eat well most of the time and exercise regularly your child is more likely to do so.

Small lifestyle changes in each of these areas can make a huge difference to your whole family’s health!

Here’s a short video on helping your children learn about health and wellbeing


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