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Making treasured memories by having fun with the kids!

Do you feel like you’re rushing and on the go most of the time?  If you do, you’re certainly not alone. But, this is not the way you want you and your kids to remember their childhood. In today’s busy world, most parents and kids are busy and rushed. Mornings are taken up getting dressed, fed and packing bags ready for school. Afternoons are filled with after school activities, working on homework, dinner and getting ready for bed. So where is the time for relaxation and play?  Taking time to have fun and play with your kids helps you both keep work/life balance as well as have time to be together and bond.

You might think “I’d like to, but we’re all too busy”. What if there was a way that didn’t take up too much time?

Because you know that spending time just having fun with your child is beneficial to both of you, you can make the time. There are so many quick games you can play like cards, a short board game, word game or something outside with a ball. It doesn’t have to take long 15-30 mins is all you need. Sure some board games take longer than 15 minutes, so why not start a game, put on a timer then when the 15 minutes is up stop and come back to the game next time. That way the suspense of who will win, lasts longer and you have something to look forward to. You could do the same with a jigsaw puzzle (jigsaw puzzle roll up mats are helpful if you don’t have place to leave the jigsaw out).

Could you find 15 minutes once or twice a week to take time out to play with your child? Imagine how much fun it will be for the both of you and how much it will mean to your child. Enjoying this activity will allow you to:

1. Have fun spending time with your child... they grow up so fast ... so don’t miss out!

2. Model work/life balance and creating good habits for your child’s future

Did you know that many people don’t have good work-life balance as adults because they didn’t learn to take time out as kids? Find out more about developing your child’s Relaxation and Play life skills with the Inspired Children Life Skills Home Activity eBook. There are twelve easy-to-follow life skills activities you can complete in just 15 minutes at a time. This way you don’t have to come up with ideas, it’s all there for you with easy to follow steps. You can practice stretching, breathing and other relaxation techniques that will do both you and your child good. There are also more great ideas on how to have fun with your child that don’t take long. Taking time out to have fun together and enjoy your child will create happy memories that last a life time. You can also find out more about our Life Skills approach to parenting eBook series. Please click here.


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