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Reducing anxiety and depression in teens in just one session. Learn how!

Mental health issues with our teens is on the rise. The World Health Organisation estimates that 10-20% of children and adolescents experience mental disorders worldwide. Anxiety and depression are mental health disorders that can have a detrimental effect on the quality of young people’s lives, and left unchecked, they can in some cases even lead to suicide. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death among young people.

Jessica Schleider is currently working on her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Harvard University and is completing her Doctoral Internship at Yale School of Medicine. I came across her recent study showing extraordinary results in improving adolescent mental health in a single session rather than months of therapy with a mental health professional. So I contacted her for an interview and she kindly agreed.

This interview is a must for parents. Jessica’s research can support parents to learn how they can help their children prevent or overcome anxiety and depression by teaching them about a growth mindset. Want to learn more?

Join Dr Rosina McAlpine, parenting expert and creator of the Win Win Parenting program as she interviews Jessica Schleider.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • What anxiety and depression are and their prevalence among youth.

  • About Jessica’s research on reducing anxiety and depression in a single session activity.

  • The many mental health benefits of teaching children a growth mindset (based on the work of Professor Carol Dweck).

  • How parents might be inadvertently harming their child’s mental health.

  • How you can support your children reduce anxiety and depression with some simple activities you can do in your home.


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