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Shared Parenting: Fathers Stepping up and Mothers Letting Go

Do you often disagree with your partner about how to parent? Do you feel like you’re doing most of the parenting and your partner has checked out?  

When I first brought my son home I was an over protective mother – even when it can to his dad! I was constantly at my husband saying things like: “don’t hold him like that” Don’t throw him in the air – he’s just eaten”, “Don’t be so rough – he’s just a baby!”

Until my generally calm, fun husband said “OK it seems I can’t do anything right, everything has to be YOUR way, so just do it yourself!” Now that made me think and of course do some research about how mothers and fathers parent – and yes you guessed it – they parent differently!

Today on the show I talk to Charles Areni one of the authors of a fascinating book on this topic called “The other glass ceiling: fathers stepping up and mothers letting go”.

Listen in and have a laugh as well as learn strategies to make lasting changes that will support a more cohesive family.

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