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Take care of yourself, live your dreams and be a great role model for your kids

It’s not uncommon to hear parents, particularly mothers, say "I put my children first and my needs last". BUT, is good parenting really about being selfless?  Positive parenting is about setting a good example for your children. Do you want them to learn to put themselves second?

In this show you'll get lots of positive parenting advice and learn about the many benefits to you, your family and your children of being "self full" rather than "self less". And the steps you can take to make it happen in your life.

Happy parents are the foundation for a happy family … depleted and unfulfilled parents don’t have energy, inspiration and joy to share around.

Parenting tip: don’t miss out on being fulfilled and making YOUR positive difference in the world. Follow your dreams, share your talents and be a great role model for your kids.

Taking care of yourself supports everyone in the family to live engaged and meaningful lives. Join us for another a great show and learn more about this important topic.


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