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Time Out: a Close Look at the Potential Harms of this Modern-Day Parenting Strategy

Time-out has become a popular approach to parenting, choosing it as a ‘better’ alternative to smacking. However there is evidence that this parenting tool is more complex than many parents think and some experts even consider that time-out can be a harmful practice.

Dr Rosina, entertaining and educational parenting expert and Dr Robyn Mills, psychologist and inspirational speaker, explore the in’s and out’s of time-out.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. What time-out is and how it’s supposed to work.

  2. The controversial history of the development of time-out as an approach

  3. Why the experts who claim time-out is an effective method for parents caution implementing time-out as it is a complex procedure and requires training.

  4. The ‘eight’ factors time out experts recommend parents consider when implementing time-out.

  5. The practical challenges of getting children into time-out and keeping them there.

  6. What the anti-time out researchers say about the potential harms of this approach to parenting.

  7. Most importantly you’ll learn about positive parenting strategies like ‘time-in’ to help you raise happy, well-balanced and capable children.

For help raising well-rounded and capable kids from toddlers to teens, get great tips, resources and support using Dr Rosina’s practical approach to parenting.


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